Alberta recognizes February 5 to 11, 2023 as Burn Awareness Week, a time to support burn survivors and to educate our communities about the dangers and hazards of thermal and chemical burn injuries.

Your donations help to support one of the best burn facilities in North America and Burn Camp, a unique opportunity for children with burn injuries to make lasting memories and friends.

Support the Edmonton Firefighters Burn Treatment Society

Your contributions help support the critical work that the Edmonton Firefighters Burn Treatment Society does to support victims of fires and burns in our community. To date, the EFBTS has treated over 10,000 kids and adults in Western and Northern Canada.

Burn Awarness Week

The story of Burn Awareness Week begins in 2013 with Spencer Beach. It was then that the burn survivor and bestselling author began donating 5% of his book sales to support burn research. His book, “In Case of Fire”, recounts the story of his accident and his journey through healing. To date, Spencer has donated a total of $7,103.54.

In 2019, Spencer combined forces with fellow burn survivor Kelly Falardeau to continue raising funds for burn research. After their first year of efforts, they raised over $5,000. Since its inception, Burn Awareness Week has raised more than $12,000. With the continued support from sponsors and community donations, this is just the beginning of what’s possible to help raise awareness and assist those navigating their healing journey.

Spencer and Kelly have come together in recent years during Burn Awareness Week to not only share their stories with the public but also to provide education on burn injury prevention and provide a glimpse into what it’s like to recover from an injury and living with scars from both a physical and emotional level. Through their programming during Burn Awareness Week, Spencer and Kelly also work on raising money for the Edmonton Firefighters Burn Treatment Society to further burn research and treatment at the Edmonton Firefighters Burn Treatment Unit at the University of Alberta Hospital.

2023 Programming

Spencer and Kelly will be doing presentations at the following schools:

  • Ormsby School – Edmonton
  •  Prescott Learning Centre – Spruce Grove
  •  Joan Carr School – Edmonton
  • Joey Moss School – Edmonton
  • Beacon Heights School – Edmonton
  • McArthur School – Edmonton
  • Hazeldean School – Edmonton
  • Queen Alexandra School – Edmonton


Kelly and Spencer standing in front of a wooden version of the EFBTS logo

Burn Awareness Week Organizers

Spencer Beach

Spencer Beach was the quintessential employee as a third generation flooring installer and among the best in his field. He worked hard every day balancing his employer’s needs and the customers’ desires while delivering a timely and quality job. Then he endured a horrific flash fire that left him permanently and severely scarred. After spending 14 months in the hospital and five years of rehabilitation and retraining, he is now a Construction Safety Officer and completed with distinction the University of Alberta’s “Faculty of Extensions, Occupational Health & Safety Certificate” program. Spencer now uses his trade experience and safety knowledge to speak to peoples’ hearts and reach their behaviours.

Spencer has been an international professional speaker for 17 years, delivered over 1,500 presentations and is a bestselling author with his book “In Case of Fire”. He is also Co-Chair of an annual Burn Awareness Week charity campaign, volunteers to motivate severely injured people, was awarded the 2013 Avenue Magazine “Top 40 Under 40” for his community work and was the first recipient of the “Award of Courage” through Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

Kelly Falardeau

Kelly Falardeau has been a burn survivor since the age of two, with burns on 75% of her body. She found a way to go from near-death to success; from the “ugly scar-faced girl” to the TEDx stage twice, Fierce Woman of the Year, a 8-times International Best-Selling Author, recipient of the “Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee” medal & YWCA “Woman of Distinction”. A documentary about her life story called “Still Beautiful” launched on TV plus Goalcast launched a video that has over 10 million views. Now, she’s a full-time Best-Selling Author Strategist, coaching people to become best-selling authors. On Christmas Day, 2020, Global TV announced Kelly as one of the “Most Inspirational People of 2020” and recently she became an Award-Winning Virtual Speaker.

About Our Featured Charity

Edmonton Firefighters Burn Treatment Society (EFBTS)

The Edmonton Firefighters Burn Treatment Society raises funds and awareness for research, treatment, and the recovery of thermal injuries since 1977.

The Burn Treatment Unit is where you will find highly educated, strongly motivated and extremely caring and dedicated individuals who give of themselves to the burn survivors and their families when they need it.

About Burn Camp

Alberta Firefighters' Burn Camp for Children

The Alberta Firefighters Burn Camp, in partnership with Easter Seals Camp Horizon, is a week-long camping program for young burn survivors. Burn Camp is held annually in August and has an attendance of up to 70 campers, between the ages of 7 and 17.

Doctors, Nurses and Firefighters donate their time as volunteer organizers, medical staff, and mentors. Burn Camp can be a life-changing event for many of the kids who attend.

The success of Burn Camp relies on the friendships created with fire departments and their firefighters, burn foundations, and private companies across Alberta and beyond.

For more information about Burn Camp, please contact

Burn Awareness Week Statistics

Children are the most common person to be burned. They normally receive arm and leg burns from water that’s too hot in the tub or pulling hot liquids off the stove.

Safety Tip: always dip a finger into the tub to check the temperature and never reach for anything on the stove until you’re old enough to cook with an adults help.

The University of Alberta has the best burn unit in all of Canada and has served over 10,000 children and adults across western and northern Canada.

Safety tip: practice with your family how to get out of your home and where to meet if there is an emergency.

WWI produced many severe burns and advanced our knowledge of burns greatly. The soldiers that were treated started a club in 1941 called The Guinee Pig Club. The club was called this as the soldiers felt they were Guinee pigs as the doctors were developing new treatments on them. Prior to WWI doctors didn’t have treatments designed for treating burns.

Safety tip: if you are trapped in a fire, close the door, put clothing or towels to block the bottom of door and turn on a light. The closed door will slow down the fire from spreading. The clothes or towel at the bottom of the door will stop smoke from entering the room and turning on a light will tell firefighters there’s someone in that room.

More people are burned in the summer because of campfires and fireworks.

Safety tip: Fire is a fun thing to be around but always keep your distance and never play with fire!

Every year the Alberta Firefighters Burn camp sends children and their siblings to go to burn camp. This camp is a weeklong where kid’s camp, canoe, archery, white water rafting, telling ghost stories, hike, rock climb and more. The last day is the biggest water balloon fight you’ve ever seen!!!

Safety tip: The best thing to do if you ever are burned is to put the area under cold water immediately. This can reduce the severity burn.

There is 6 types of burns. They are

– Contact burns where fire or a hot liquid directly touches the body.
– Chemical burns where a chemical like acid burns the body or a fire is created by a chemical
– Electrical burns caused by the body coming into contact with electricity
– Friction burns a form of abrasion caused by friction of the skin rubbing against a surface
– Radiation burn caused by radiation like a nuclear exposure or a sun burn
– Frostbite which is actually caused by freezing but it is considered a burn as it effects the body in the same way a burn would

Safety tip:
The best thing to do if you ever are burned is to put the area under cold water immediately. This can reduce the severity burn.

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